Friday, November 30, 2012

All I want for Christmas

No this is not a letter to Santa, nor to my mom, but I've had these things in my head for so long that I just wanted to shout out loud: I want these!! We'll see, probably not gonna happen. Apart from the winter coat, it's freezing out here! And I thought I'm going to escape all the minus degrees to London... not going to happen. Either. Evenings are already going below zero.
All I want for Christmas

Victoria's Secret zip hoody, £50 / Navy blue coat / Victoria's Secret cotton sleepwear, £31 / Hello Kitty fleece pajamas, £28 / Victoria s secret, £44 / UGG Australia sheepskin boots / MICHAEL Michael Kors michael kors tote bag, £175 / Gucci / Waterford Holiday Heirlooms Jim O'Leary Beaded Lace 5" Ruby Ball..., £59 / Flamant Christmas Ball in Gold, £3.63 / BEAUMONT

I feel really bad not posting the last month! But I've been really busy, and let's face it, really occupied by my weekend activities. (I don't even mention writing on weekdays, that's just impossible with all the laundry in the world) It's really important to discover the nightlife of London so that I can tell you guys where to go! Best places by far:
1. The Penthouse
2. The Aquarium
3. Fabric Nightclub

Having said that, here's some evidence that I've actually been out, not just sitting here on the attic...

 Best French girl evah

Happy hour!!! Almost all drinks are either mine or Clara's...

All this and a stunning view in The Penthouse on Leicester Square.

Viettäkää pikkujoulua munkin puolesta rakkaat ystävät !!