Monday, October 29, 2012

Little shy riding hood

I have a thing about looking into cameras. The ground is clearly much more interesting :D On my way to nightclubs Amika and Fabric, and it's Halloween weekend!

Earlier today I had some ridiculously delicious macarons. That's all for today really! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Wellies wellies wellies

I've really been too lazy to take pictures lately, not to mention post them... Bad girl. Trying to write something that makes sense, or telling about the last few weeks I've had feels as tempting as wet socks. Been there, done that.
Nail polish called Vintage Vamp from Mac's Marilyn Monroe collection. On top of it I have American Apparel's polish called Meteor Shower. 

 I needed wellies... desperately. So i decided to go for Hunters! Love them. Didn't love the price.

Random picture from today...

On one of my usual walks on Portobello road I went to the famous Hummingbird bakery and got a red velvet. Yammy.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

And I seem to find the happiness I seek

Portobello market introduced me to, or really, reminded me how I really like jazz. Has to do with my roots in ballroom dancing, I'm sure... This post is going to be the mother of all posts :D Beware, all the photos that have been cramming to my camera the past three weeks and have not made their way to a blog post yet, are now squeezed into this one.

First of all, I finally cleaned my room so I can actually show you how it's like... Small, cold but yet very comfy :)

 And then, shopping... When I took pictures of my newest items I realized how good I'm at it. I don't remember a day on the weekends that I haven't returned with a bag, box, sack or two... While my closet really hasn't got anything new, I've really been going crazy at the cosmetics department...


All the jewellery is from Portobello market. I feel like doing a post every time after visiting it, but I still don't feel I have the photos that do right for the atmosphere, the amazing vintage and just the feeling of a day off there.

Face products from Body shop, missing a cleanser... decided to buy a whole new set :D the Karma Kream is from Lush, smells amazing and I've already used half the pot... I have to say I've got addicted to natural cosmetics while staying here. I also bought a set of mineral makeup yesterday... and I love it!

Most of the products I filmed on top of this, a vest from GAP. The Marie Claire has been hanging on my floor for two weeks now, maybe would be the time to actually read it...

A makeup bag from Ted Baker, cute isn't it :3

This stuff really is magical, it exfoliates your skin leaving it brighter, softer and at least on my skin, three years younger.

I've heard a lot of Aveda's Invati shampoo and conditioner, they're supposed to thicken your hair and make it healthier. If you'd see the amount of hair I'm loosing, you'd understand why I decided to give it a try...

And now to the more random pictures...

Little Venice, Warwick Avenue

On my way to St. Paul's Cathedral, got a little wave from the Queen herself!

St. Pau'ls Cathedral, where Diana got married (fun fact. lol.)

I accidentally participated in a Saturday service, (don't ask me how, I don't know) and lit up a candle.

Piccadilly Circus by night :)

I will.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Oh baby baby it's a wild world

Last weekend I went to Borough Market, filled with food and drinks from Spain to London.

 Bought some real ice tea, yammy :)

Something quite extraordinary, the lady is making juice out of grass...

 The funniest tomatoes I've seen