Saturday, December 22, 2012

Winter Wonderland

I somehow always thought London would be a lovely and romantic city at Christmas time. But, I have to say, this week has been the most stressful week in my three months I've spent here. People are angry and frustrated, and the awful weather doesn't help a thing. However, I've found one place in London you can really lift up that Christmas spirit, and that's Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park.

It's full of amusements and there's also a skating rink! (If you want to empty your wallet for good). But the best place in Winter Wonderland is the Bavarian Village, with live music and amazing atmosphere. Can't wait to go there again after my holidays in Finland! I'm heading for Gatwick tomorrow, and London is not gonna see me for a week ;)

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    gongrats, siinä sulle blogi-award! c:
    (Voit varmaan ite kääntää englanniksi? XD)